Health and Safety Protocols

At all times, the DeMont Family Swim School stands for safety in and out of the water. Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic reflects that we are uncompromising in that responsibility. Though practicing an abundance of caution presents obvious inconveniences, we hope and trust that our students and their families respect our commitment to safety.

*Information subject to change based on updated information and recommendations from local, state, and federal authorities. 

Social Distancing

  • Our lobby will be set up and marked to accommodate social distancing.
  • All children are to stay next to their parents at all times when not in the pool.
  • You will notice social distancing circles throughout the school.
  • The facility will be marked for a one-way traffic pattern entering and leaving the school.
  • We will only be allowing students who are taking lessons into the facility.
  • Upon completion of the lesson, parents will meet their children and may use the showers and changing rooms.

Who can come to swim lessons:

  • Only one parent may attend lessons with a swimmer.
  • If your children will be swimming one after the other, please keep your waiting child close to you at all times.

Protective Gear

  • Our team and customers (including children old enough to do so) will be required to wear a mask (outside of the pool). The CDC recommends children over the age of 2 wear a mask in public.
  • Great resource for children and masks: American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Our instructors will be wearing face coverings in the pool.
  • Gloves will be provided for our customer service team as needed.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be provided at the entrance and in various locations within the school.

Pool Safety:

  • Our pools are the best around!  Although public pools require turnover every 8 hours, ours do a complete turnover every hour and also have both chlorine and UV sanitation systems.
  • Our pool chemistry is checked multiple times a day.
  • CDC Information regarding pools.

Health Check Protocol

  • By entering the school, staff and customers agree they are not experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms. Possible symptoms will be posted at the entrance of the building.
  • All staff and customers are asked to stay home if they are experiencing any signs of illness.

Cleaning Procedures:

  • Increased cleaning and disinfecting throughout the day.  (Including: high touch surfaces, chairs, door handles and bathrooms)
  • Deeper cleaning will occur at the end of every morning and afternoon shift.

Class sizes and Levels:

  • Semiprivate classes (ages 3 and up): Up to two children per class.
  • Little Froggy Semiprivate classes (6 months to 35 months): Student/parent to teacher ratio will be 3:1.
  • Semi-privates: When enrolling in a class, please enroll in the class that best describes your child’s current swim skills or if they were a previous swimmer, the last level in which they were enrolled. All students will be formally evaluated on their first day.

Changing areas and restrooms:

  • Changing rooms are now open after lessons.
  • Please continue to arrive ready to swim.
  • Showers will remain closed.
  • Little Froggy swimmers can change on deck or use the changing area above the cubbies near the double restrooms.
  • Please use the marked disinfectant spray in each restroom to clean surfaces before you use them.